Men's Shaving and Skin Care


Men Shaving and Skin Care

Shaving - no big deal - I’m sure you can shave blind folded - so what is this about? Unhappily not all of us are blessed with a problem free skin, so there are some very basic insights to a clean shave. 

Some with acne or sensitive skin need special treatment.

It is best to shave after a shower, as the skin is moist and soft due to steam, shaving becomes easier. Wash your face with warm water if a shower is not possible. A towel can be dipped in hot water, squeeze out excess water and keep on face, cheeks and chin for ten minutes. Open pores and softened hair are easier for sensitive skin types.

  • Apply enough shaving gel or foam as the razor will glide smoothly causing less friction. Wash the razor to remove foam and hair after every stroke.

  • Use a good shaving brush with natural bristles, the movement of the brush building up lather readies facial hair and skin for exposure to the steel blade.

  • Use razors with moisturizing strips as these aggravate skin less.

  • To avoid razor burn and ingrown hair always shave in the direction of the growth.

  • Take some time shaving, as quick and hard strokes present more chances of cuts and burns. Use both hands to shave – one to wield the razor and hold the skin taut with the other.

  • Splash some cold water on cheeks and neck immediately after shaving - to close pores.

  • Try not to use blades – multi or single for very long – change before they are blunt.

  • For the inevitable cuts, rub some ice till it stops smarting, can stick a piece of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Apply some toothpaste on new pimples to dry them out.

  • Tingling and burning of the after shave lotion you splash on may feel invigorating, but it is due to menthol and propylene glycol with synthetic fragrances – so they do not necessarily kill bacteria, rather they burn the skin. Use a mild toner or an after-shave balm for sensitive skin.

  • Use a face wash instead of body soap as this cleans pores - as a result of which there are fewer breakouts.

  • Use a moisturizer as men are equally prone to wrinkles. Pat under eye cream gently around eyes. Wear sunglasses to avoid squinting in the sun.

  • Take time to trim hair from the nostrils and ears as this looks gross – use a special trimmer.

  • When your eyebrows are extra thick and bushy – it would be a good idea to trim them, and at the same time try to keep eyebrows from joining as unibrows are not very attractive.

  • If you sport a beard or goatee – keep it neat. Use a conditioner to wash your beard as it is easier to trim when the hair is softened.

  • Use a q – tip to clean wax form your ears, at least once a week.

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