2 Birth Control Methods For Men To Prevent Pregnancy

 Birth Control is a form of family planning method used to prevent pregnancy and to control the number of children couples would wish to have. This article centres on the birth control methods that men could undertake so as to avoid impregnating a woman.

Most times, couples who are into intimate relationships may wish to engage in lovemaking without making babies, using any of the different birth control methods will prevent pregnancy during the act.

2 Birth Control Methods For Men To Prevent Pregnancy

Women are known to have been using different methods to prevent pregnancy over the years, this includes the use of;

Oral contraceptives

- Barrier methods

- Surgical sterilization, etc.

These methods can be either temporary or permanent depending on the choice of the partners involved. The aim is to alter the way the female body works in other to prevent pregnancy.

2 Birth Control Methods For Men To Prevent pregnancy

The 2 basic methods currently available for men are;

1) Condom

2) Vasectomy


This is a thin fitted tube that is worn over the male reproductive organ before engaging in the act. It serves as a barrier device that prevents pregnancy and STDs. They are often easy to use and can be bought over the counter.

When the condom is used correctly, it is safe and effective.


This is a surgical procedure whereby the vas deferens which are tubes that carry the male reproductive cells are being cut off, tied or sealed so as to prevent the male cells from passing through the urethra.

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method for men that cannot be reversed (now it can be reversed). Men prefer this method if they do not want to father any more children.

Since this is an irreversible method, couples who wish to use it, need to properly discuss and consider the implications involved so as to avoid future regrets.

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