7 Ways To Keep Fit And Healthy Proven By Science

fit and healthy

Maintaining your fitness is just as important as keeping your heart healthy and your brain working properly to keep your body in balance. Due to the present healthcare needs and situation, being fit is the least we can do! 

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The immune system is being weakened by many diseases and pollution at ever-rising levels. It will no longer seem shocking to learn that a child born today is being diagnosed with diseases that in the past used to only affect people in their 40s or during their far more innocent childhood years. 

People of all ages are susceptible to lifestyle diseases, including obesity. The best preventive measure one can take to ensure a safe trip is to be in shape.

Here Are  7 Things That Have Been Proved To Keep Humans Fit and Healthy

Balanced Diet

Intake of food and eating habits play a major and prime role in the way we live our life and with what kind of lifestyle-healthy or unhealthy. A balanced diet consists of various constituents of food in accurate and appropriate quantity and quality according to the requirement of individual. It is easily digestible and contains appropriate ratio between proteins, fats and carbohydrates that is 1:1:4 for overall development of body in the fit proportion. The diet may vary from person to person according to the body requirements as per consultation from a dietician or family doctor.

Active lifestyle

This plays a pertinent role in maintaining fitness. School children should prefer walking instead of being driven by any kind of vehicle if it is at a walking distance. Stairs can be used instead of elevators. Rather than sticking to T.V or mobile screens one should opt for outdoor games. In this manner one could lead a more active lifestyle by adding to it more efforts physically. Read more about Top 10 benefits of regular exercises

Yoga and exercises or workout

Research studies have proved that stress and tension leads to weight gain and ruin fitness levels. These activities are greatly beneficial in relieving those and therefore should be used for keeping a good control on weight and body fitness. Also this controls your weight by burning excess calories stored in body and therefore plays a significant role in maintaining healthy weight when partnered with balanced meals. Here are the great benefits of yoga

Avoid fatty foods

Fats are, a maximum contributors to number of calories. These extra number more than the required number, tends to accumulate in the body, so better to avoid it, the more you can, the more are the Chances of you remaining fit. fatty foods can predispose you to health risks likje heart diseases, diabetes and more due to obesity 

Avoid overeating

This means that consuming right amount of food strictly as per needs of the body. The more food consumed, the more calories consumed beyond requirements hence accumulation, thus increasing the chances of obesity and lifestyle diseases. Better consume within right amount!!

Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is a strict No as against myths by individuals on dieting for the fit body, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you skip any meal, you will definitely go for overeating during the next meal time leading to weight gain, as this increases hunger and results in greater food consumption next time.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs

Always keep this in your mind that these addiction agents tends to weight gain. Alcohol is directly absorbed from the stomach in the blood stream and easily stored as fats. So avoid it altogether to facilitate body fitness. 


Follow these simple ways to follow fitness and raise toast to the more healthier you by adding life to your days through leading a fit lifestyle! The bad eating habits can further risk you to have high blood cholesterol in turn can complicate to heart and vascular issues.

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