Why Are Most Africans Poor? Here Is The Bitter Truth.


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To understand why most Africans are poor the facts need to be looked into without bias. Just because you stay in Africa then you want to defend yourself?  that wont help us in any way.  In fact it is one of the reasons why most people in Africa are poor, we like bullshiit. Sugar coating things just to look holy or sound innocent. I have been asking myself this question several times. i even asked it on google but the answers i get are only a piece of circumlocution, trying to prove a point of brassiness instead of saying the truth.

In this article i will clearly without bias and favoritism bring out the facts about why most Africans are poor. 

First of all what is poverty?  Poverty is about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. Poor living conditions and dilapidated housing yet someone is comfortable living and okay. I want to make this clear, "basic needs"  If you cannot manage to provide the basic needs then count yourself poor. The thing in Africa is that people can have so many children even having many wives and each having two or more children yet the man cannot manage to provide a descent living for the family. 

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Now in details Why are most Africans poor?

The religious  bullshiit 

Ask anyone about Africa and religion. Even the frogs knows that you cant advise an African concerning the religion. People in Africa have reached a level whereby a pastor can make the congregants drink doom or whatever it may be as long as he says it is anointed. Like seriously what the fu**k my brothers and sisters are you trying to achieve? Why is it that the same religious leaders you trust are  also the perpetrators of crimes like adultery, money scams and so forth. Sure a pastor swindling money from a widow? Still the congregants trust him with faith?  What’s wrong with Africans? Let me tell you. These people so called prophets and pastors have come to know that when you tell an African something they don't understand they can do almost anything for you including giving you money. That's why they mention things like praying in tongues, prophecies because those things you do not understand them and do you know that even the them prophets d not understand what they say? better you work up. How do this contribute to poverty? the thing is people are manipulated into being lazy with false faith. people don't want to work instead they spend most of their time thinking about miracle that will one day happen to give them all their needs. Instead of praying for a job work up and start searching for a job or start a business. Prayer wont do anything it is a bull-crap am telling you.The problem is one who says the truth has no vote in the eyes of Christians. Anyway continue tricking them and false prophesy to them so they continue giving you money since they don not have the brain to think and realize the gullibility in them. People have come to depend on beliefs and take them as facts. The preacher will be like do not admire worldly things because Jesus is coming soon. But why is the same preacher getting envelopes from people and use the money to buy cement and blocks? I feel pity for big people as big as your grand father sure being cheated on by a 26 year old  skin-breached pastor. If god cares for you people why does he let all the evil and disgusting things happen to you yet he keeps quiet and do nothing. If you say death is a reward of sin then why do children who are just 2 or less yers die? What sin do an 8 days old child commit? cant you see that the whole religion thing is a system that was designed by some people as a way to manipulate other people for certain gains? Why don't your offering be given direct to Jesus if your pastor keeps on saying "give to Jesus"  

In simple terms the religion cartel has brainwashed you into not working hard for your basic needs because someone says Jesus is coming soon or god is a provider. No way just wake up and do your thing to provide for your family. 

Laziness and reluctance makes Africans poor 

lazy african man

Yes  you have read it right. People in Africa are lazy and likes settling for less. imagine a family shouting "boma ilanganepo " literally meaning government should do something and all they are indicating is the government to build toilets for the individual home. Surely can that be a reason to have no toilet for your home just because the government has not constructed a toilet? Someone will be living in a hut built from mad with very poor material and still be comfortable with it. No we can do better i mean there are opportunities that one can venture in and find a living otherwise laziness wont take us anywhere. 

Corrupt governments

Why Are Most Africans Poor?
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No doubt governments in Africa are corrupt to the level where by a lowest citizen has no chance to see some opportunities for employment and other resources because the government officials are are too greedy and corrupt. How many cases of theft have we received from ACC Zambia in the year 2022 so far? It all about government officials stealing property and money that could help improve peoples lives somewhere. Am sure that is the case everywhere in Africa and we appreciate the news media like BBC, CNN and others for giving us updates about the scandals involving African governments. Very useless government in fact they cant work hard  to provide opportunities for the citizens. Look at how much they pay the civil servants. If the governments can work harder and pay their workers enough money it can boost the general economy  of the country because the workers will afford to employ others through home or businesses. But they rarely consider it instead they only care about filling their ascitic bellies. 

Nonsensical Reasoning : Children are an investment.

poor housing africa

Why most people in Africa are poor is that the generational beliefs have been passed from ancestors to the newer generation. Most Africans believe in having many children and yet they cannot manage to provide a descent life for them. Most parents will have children and still depending on the first born and second born to take care of the siblings  for things like food, clothes and school expenses. Really is that responsibility for the first or second born or the aunties and uncles? That is totally a wrong reasoning to start with. If that is what you used to know from today on forget about your nightmare. African parents should understand that the responsibility of their children  does not come with transport for shifting to uncles or aunties and first born. it is a parent's responsibility to make sure all is available. i mean the basic things or whatever level or standard of life you want your children to have are entirely your responsibility. How does this contribute to poverty? Eventually a first born, uncle or aunt will have their own responsibilities so they will fail to provide enough for their own responsibilities and end up being an average poor person. Imagine uncle has two children then the sister sends two more of her children to be kept and sponsored by the brother (uncle). Do you think the standard of living will be the same as That of having just his own two children? It is about economy here the more people you are taking care the more resources you need to spend and that will affect the quality life. The uncles, aunties and first born or other siblings should be given own space because they have their own goals to achieve. They can give support to family members  but it should not be a must and expected no. When planning on how many children to have it should be something you will manage to support all the way. Do not depend on other people to keep and support your children.

Settling for less contribute to Africans being poor 

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Do not talk about colonialism because it is the smallest reason why most Africans are poor. We are most of Africans free now of colonialism. We have own resources and goals to handle. Most Africans are poor because of aiming low in terms of living standards. In fact someone is comfortable buying unhealthy foods just because it is cheaper. They cant think big and refuse rubbish style of living. Too lazy to raise standards of living because most of the neighbors or friends have low standards of living. Someone employs you and pays you rubbish then you accept that is the begging of poverty. i can tel; you that somewhere there is better paying job that that rubbish you are settling. We have heard of many people employed by Chinese nationals being given peanuts but they do not complain because the have decided to settle for less. Believe me if you all wake up and raise standards the economic system will adapt to that and everyone or the majority of Africans can have a better life. However this may be due to lack of labor laws knowledge but by common sense you need to aim high and strive for a better life. I bet it is upto us to improve our own lives through realization and working towards our goals. 

Most poor Africans have Negative beliefs about money

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I know life isn't all about money but the truth is that we need money because it acts as a universal language to our needs. The other reason why most Africans are living a poor life is because they believe money is a root of all evil. fu**k that belief. I know there are elders, teachers and coaches  out there who are well respected  by your community but saying money is  a root of all evil could be the only lie they told you. Money is important and just tell yourself that. You need to make plans and ways on how to make money because you need it. It can improve your life in reality. 

Used to Free things

African begging foods
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In Africa the governments systems are also  contributing to poverty to the citizens. The health system for example in Zambia, is free in most government facilities making people have no feel of responsibility to work hard. School is free too from grades 1 to 12. The parents may not think of working hard to find a better life life for their children. The mind works in such a way that if provided then no need to stress for chasing the provided resource. Pressure of responsibility works to improve human psychology.  There was a guy who managed to escape out of a deep well just because a snake entered in it, before the snake he was convincingly unable to do so. There can be just minimal charges on school and hospital fees. 


Just this writing alone is not enough to explain why most Africans are poor.  However, the most important issues have been mentioned to give you a clue on how African mentality keeps them poor. So it is your duty to identify your own useless mentalities and polish them up in readiness for a good standard of living. Who want to live poor forever? No one. Most poor Africans just pretend to be content with what they have, offer them money you will see the other side of their behavior.  Religious activities are more to offering psychological support in time of grief and betrayal but nothing more to it. Do not rely on what the pastors or preachers tell you. To be on a safe side be a person who want to learn everyday and do your own research on how to improve life. Take time to practice the reality of life so you can manage to shape your life in line with your goals not depending on fortune teller or miracles they wont happen.

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