Syphilis Symptoms In Men

syphilis symptoms men

Symptoms of syphilis in men starts about a day to a week after getting into contact with the infected person. Syphilis is one of the oldest sexually transmitted infections caused by a bacteria. Syphilis can be contracted through sexual intercourse with an infected person. However the bacteria can also be acquired through non sexual contact for example through touching the sexual fluids that contains the germ can get you the syphilis and symptoms will manifest on the affected area. Syphilis in men is not very different from women as the chancre exist in both sexes. So the syphilis symptoms in men discussed in this article are the same as in females.  

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Symptoms of syphilis in men

Symptoms of syphilis appears like a pimple on the penis or vagina surface few days after getting it. The pimple does not itch or pain. That is the reason most people ignore it and after wards it disappears. Wow.. it has disappeared ? I am okay right? So the thing is that after few days or weeks again the rash will appear as a wound and painful at this time. Those who are lucky can have the rash appear during the secondary stage and this is when you see rash on both sides of the legs and arms.

Can syphilis make men go mad?

Yes the other symptoms of syphilis when it gets to complicated stage are hallucinations, loss of memory , reduced thinking capacity, headache that doesn’t go away, and Confusion state. The above symptoms in men happens when the bacteria gets to the brain and spinal cold.

Syphilis Symptoms in men by stages

If it isn’t treated, syphilis progresses in four stages. The infection causes different symptoms in each stage. In the first and second stages, people are very contagious and can easily pass the infection to the sex partners. The  following are stages of syphilis:

Primary syphilis: The first stage happens two to 12 weeks after exposure to the bacteria. During this stage, a smooth, red sore called a chancre develops on the genitals or in the mouth. It goes away on its own in a few weeks or months. A chancre is small and usually painless, so you may not even know it’s there.

Secondary syphilis: About one to six months after the chancre goes away, a rough, bumpy syphilis rash appears on the body, usually on your palms and soles (bottoms) of your feet. You may also have flu-like symptoms such as fever, fatigue, sore throat and muscle aches. These symptoms can come and go for months or years.
syphilis in men

Latent syphilis: If syphilis isn’t treated during the first two stages, the infection moves into the latent stage. Although there are no outward signs or symptoms of syphilis during this phase, the infection can damage your heart, bones, nerves and organs. This stage can last several years.

(Late) Tertiary syphilis: For many people, symptoms don’t progress past the 3rd stage, Could be because the infection cures itself or  symptoms are too mild to notice.  Mostly one 3rd of syphilis patients progress to this stage 
Here are the symptoms in 3rd stage of syphilis symptoms in men:
  • Heart problems.
  • Movements disorders and muscle problems.
  • Brain damage, dementia and mental health issues.
  • Shacking , usually on the bones and skin.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Nerve damages.
  • Convulsions.

 Due to increased cases of syphilis in men women are also screened during antenatal booking. That is because if passed to babies syphilis can cause serious problems to children.

Treatment of syphilis in men is easy and available. Do you think you have it? send me a message so I can help before syphilis complicates.

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