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JPeei Clinic

 Pronounced  simply as 'JP Clinic' is a health care facility belonging to JPeei Tradings, a firm that was established in 2022 with the aim to improving people's lives through health  sciences.  We are located in 4km off leopard hill road, Palabana, chongwe District Zambia 

Best Patient experience

JPeei clinic provide the best healthcare services and that is the reason people love us. Do you need a feel of our service? Do not hesitate just visit us or get in touch with us through contact us form.

Waiting time?

Come and be attended to in seconds upon your arrival. With us you do not have to worry about staying on the queue for more than 10 minutes . For that reason jpeei clinic boasts and we are proud.

Why people choose us?

We care for your life and health

We consider clients’ unique situations 

We embrace your individual value,dignity and confidentiality.

Why choose JPeei Clinic Zambia

Your health is our business. At JPeei Clinic we believe in making your dreams and goals a reality through taking care of your health and our experts know just how to do that. We're prepared to help you at any level of health care to make sure all your problems are solved. We also provide patient health care,health information about diseases (infectious and no-infectious)symptoms signs diagnosis lab tests and treatment and fitness.
 people choose us because of:
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Vast experience
  • Best environment
  • Best diagnostic equipment
  • Research based approaches for treatment
  • JPeei clinic has great patient education system set up

Health care Team At  JPeei Clinic

We have nurses and clinicians to make the best support for your health needs. They are well trained and also with vast experience in health care provision for many years both private and government institutions. They have ability to explain your diseases symptoms signs treatment laboratory tests and the way forward to create your awareness about your condition. JPeei clinic aims at providing the best health care services hence we provide targeted training as needed.

Medical care experiences JPeei Clinic

Not too far yet our staff team have a minimum of 10 years working in health care service setting while the jpeei Clinic has 3 years serving the population of 1240 people since 2017.

Health care approach at jpeei clinic

Our team uses a number of approaches to come up with the correct diagnosis and treatment for presented complaints. We have equipment and regular training of the staff team for the best management of our client‘s health issues. At JPeei Clinic we also help patients understand the condition through our Health care and medical care blog.

Health and medical information

To facilitate Health care and medical services JPeei Clinic offers detailed information on diseases: causes symptoms signs treatment lab tests and prevention. Medical and laboratory procedures too are included for complete understanding. Health care at jpeei clinic in
Dr JPeei inspired by Mayo Clinic Medscape MNT

Health and Beauty Products

JPeei Clinic offers  Health and Beauty products through its JPeei Pharmacy where you can buy affordable health and beauty products with drugs.
Health products includes drugs special for certain diseases and conditions that are common in both children and adults male and female. Blood boosting supplements, High blood pressure remedies that are safe to use at home and proved to reduce the symptoms and the hypertension itself. Diabetes supplements both from within and outside Zambia, Constipation treatments and many more for a quality health 

We also have Beauty products for both men and women for nice and fresh looking skin. Body lotion, aftershave products, bathing soaps for a great skin smoothness and many more.

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We are affordable and we deliver for free within Lusaka.
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