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  Who is Jose Phiri ?

"Proud Zambian Clinical officer, CEO at JPeei Clinic"

Jose is a Passionate Clinician with vast experience in patient care and health information, who doesn’t leave a patient’s problem un-solved. I am a goal oriented individual in my field who makes sure people are healthy and happy both mentally and physically. Not only am I a clinician, am also a smartphone technician specialized in software problems: Troubleshooting and repair. I can simply say am a problem solver kind of a person and will be throughout my life. 

My experience and Education

I have worked for ministry of health Zambia for over 5 years as a clinical officer mostly dealing with diagnosis and treatment of various communicable and non communicable diseases. During most of the patient screening sessions there is also part of health information giving. To reach more people who may not benefit from my great patient education skills, I thought of coming up with this platform so they can feel to be part of my care. Through this blog I will be sharing a lot of important patient centered health education information and materials for the purpose of helping all the people to live happy and healthy. 

I currently hold a Diploma in clinical medicine from Chainama college of health sciences. 

School drop out.

From Chainama college i enrolled for bachelor of public health at university of Lusaka. However , the program curriculum did not impress me at all, so i decided to only do first semester and quite. I spent the whole semester studying computer science as it was the only interesting course, the rest were things i already studied during clinical medicine. 

Hey that is not all. i also had  big interest in psychology especially social psychology.. So i enrolled at Chalimbana university but could not continue as  Well. The reason for dropping out was because the first semester course content and lectures answered my  questions concerning people's mental processes and behavior. 

 My blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about healthy living and  describe different Symptoms  for different diseases especially sexually transmitted infections. Since it’s not possible to meet every person who is interested in my health education, this blog will help them access information through the web on my site. I will be happy to see an increase in the number of visitors . Not only symptoms, this blog also provide ways in which some disease are treated and prevented. Having more than 7 years STDs  treatment  experience, i feel more confident about being the sextually transmitted expert. Many people have personally appreciated my unique way of handling the STDs cases. 

What I do. 

jose phiri

Once you feel like having any health issues please feel free to talk to me and I will surely health you with treatment and answer all questions about your health. 

To get help from Jose The process is as follows:

1. Tell me your health problem through filling in this form,

2. I will call you for more details if needed,

3. A diagnosis will be made 

4. A drug prescription or treatment plan will be prepared which you can easily download and use it. 

NB: If treatment needs hands-on, an arrangement will be made so I can come to meet you. 

The cost is free for all services offered. 

Interested in Health, Technology and Social Psychology

Jose Phiri-Online Clinician