How To By

Simple steps to buy  and successfully receive your item.

Any product bought here will be called "Item"

Step 1: Choose product and click  "Buy Now"

Step 2: Click "Add to Bag"

Step 3: Click "Go to Checkout"

Step 4: Enter your email address and click "Checkout"

Step 5: Enter your details as shown below and click "Continue"

Please enter actual information to avoid miss-delivery of you item.

You real names
The address you want us to find you for delivery of item
Phone number to call you

Step 6: Chose the day you want to receive your item and click "Continue"


Step 7: Choose payment method. Pay by cash means you pay upon  receiving your item.
You can also pay through Mobile Money accounts indicated.

click "Place Order"

Step 8: Call us through the number 0972024777 shown below. Do not worry we will still call you for delivery plan of your item.

Thanks for taking the simple steps to do business with us