Mobile Clinician: Call Me For Treatment Within Lusaka

Mobile clinician Lusaka

What is Mobile Clinician?

As the name suggests, it is a program that involves a doctor treating  patients from their locations. Home, workplaces sport places Etc. Meaning if you have a health problem you just call me and will follow you just right at your place and solve your health problem. Anyone can call and response is quickly.

How does Mobile Clinician work?

There are 2 ways in which mobile doctor works. 

1. Quick response.

Here once you call our doctor he comes to your place the same day and immediately.

2.Appointment response

This one applies to those patients who do not feel their problem needs attention faster and they can freely tell the doctor the day they can be seen at their place. You will be required to fill in this form here

Will Mobile Clinician follow me anywhere?

Yes. The doctor will come to where you need to be treated from without any problem. 

What kind of health problems do Mobile Clinician solve?

Any health problem that does not need operation Theater involvement. Gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, skin, respiratory, endocrinal and all other problems of body systems  Minor procedures like abscess drainage and removal of foreign bodies in uncomplicated situations can still be dealt with by our doctor. Tests like malaria, urine, STIs and other tests are done on mobile if needed.

How much is Mobile Clinician?

Depending on the condition to be treated and how far your place is the charge may differ and very affordable. We use a fair transportation means hence no need to be expensive.

How can i call a Mobile Clinician to solve my health problem?

You  can reach me direct:

 Call : 0972024777

Fill in the form if you wish to be seen later by the mobile doctor.

Which places in Zambia do Mobile Clinician work?

All places within Lusaka town and Chongwe area.
Details on places:
  • Lusaka town and surrounding places.
  • Silverest
  • waterfalls
  • Mikango barraks area
  • Kyindu
  • Horokoro
  • MRI farms
  • Mwanawasa farm
  • OP Palabana
  • Childrens village
  • Lohanger
  • Masterpork
  • Within Palabana
  • Lusaka Villa area
  • Zankel area
  • Any other within Lusaka

Do Mobile Clinician treat patients online in Zambia?

Yes. with online service the Clinician will take thoroughly medical histories and come up with a correct diagnosis if no investigation is needed and thereafter give appropriate advise or prescribe  medications that will treat your problem.

How quick do Mobile Clinician responds when i request to be seen at my place?

Depending on how far you are from our location the arrival time will vary. Nearby places will have a Clinician arrive faster, however there is nothing to worry we have a great speedy motorbike that do not counts traffic jam so that you get seen as quickly as possible.

How do Mobile Clinician manage to treat  patients that are far?

Basically once you call there is already set a fast transport to transport the doctor to where ever you are.

Can i make an appointment in advance with Mobile Clinician?

Yes. Some problems are not an emergency so you can still make an appointment with the doctor to find you any other day you feel like. there is no problem and you need to fill in the medical history form here

What will Mobile Clinician ask me before coming to see me?

The Mobile Clinician needs to find out the following before starting off to meet you.
  1. Location
  2. Names
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Your health complaints
  6. The price agreement
Helping a doctor with great job: Make sure you explain your complaints clearly for the doctor to make the best clinical decision that will solve your problem.
We also introduced mens clinic within Lusaka

JPeei Clinic Mobile Clinician Lusaka.