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Services Offered By JPeei Clinic

 JPeei Clinic delivers all its services under Mobile Method called Mobile Clinician

dental care at jpeei clinic lusaka

Dental Services

Jpeei clinic offers the following dental service:

  • Tooth extraction 
  • Teeth bleaching
  • Dental rehabilitation 

lat tests jpeei clinic

Lab Tests

We offer the following lab tests:

  • Syphilis test
  • Pregnancy  test
  • Blood sugar
  • Urine tests for infections and protein 
Patient and doctor lusaka jpeei clinic

Diagnosis and Treatment

We diagnose and treat diseases like:

  • STIs; Syphilis Gonorrhea, chlamydia,  chancroid and many more
  • Hypertension
  • Respiratory diseases like Pneumonia,Asthma etc.
  • Renal/Kidney problems like kidney infections etc